Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Physical noise is sights, sounds, and other stimuli in the environment that draw peoples attention away from its intended meaning. Physical noise can be a sound like the radio playing while your studying. It may also be a beautiful woman who walks into the restaurant that you work at and your distracted by her and don't hear the order for steak that your customer just gave to you. This is classified as physical noise.

Psychological noise is internal distractions such as thoughts, feelings, or emotional reaction to symbols and can fall into two categories: internal noise and semantic noise.

Internal noise is the thoughts and feelings that compete for attention and interfere with the communication process. This includes tuning out your professors lecture and tuning into a daydream or a past conversation.

Semantic noise refers to the distractions aroused by certain symbols that take our attention away from the main message. If a friend describes a 40-year-old secretary as "the girl in the office," and you think girl is a odd and condescending term for a forty year old woman, you might not even hear the rest of what your friend had to say.

Friday, February 19, 2010

To antivirus or not to antivirus there is no question! College Discussion assignment....

There is no question that we do need anti-virus and spy-ware protection. I would have to agree that anti-virus software companies should be investigated if there is a suspicion that there making viruses. But even if they are writing viruses there will always be people on the outside that have the know how and will be writing viruses. So as long as there is an internet we need virus and spy-ware protection!

A few months back I actually got a virus from Facebook. My friend sent me a message that said check out this video. I went to the website and it said I needed to install flash and a little red flag went off in my head, since my flash player was up to date. I clicked it anyway and nothing happened no video and no effects to my computer. But my friend sent out a message warning everyone that it was a virus.

To save money I was using Norton Anti-virus that we can download for free from Germanna. What I did not know is that it wasn't running correctly on my machine. I installed Mcaffee's anti-virus and fought trying to get it to work. The virus quickly took control and I had to log in using a different user on my computer to get it to work. It found the viruses and I got them removed before catastrophic damage had occurred.

It had corrupted Adaware my spy-ware scanner so I reinstalled it and removed all the spyware. I ran my virus scanner and the virus showed up again. I ran it over and over again and it kept finding the virus and removing it. Finally after days it seemed to be gone.

About a month ago when trying to access Google I got an error message. I could not search Google, check my Gmail (Google mail) or do anything associated with Google. Adaware did not find any spy-ware or anything. This kept happening over and over sporadically causing a lot of headaches for me.

Last night I downloaded Spybot and Microsoft's malicious code finder. Each found multiple objects. Which were trojan viruses and finally my computer is completely back to normal. I feel this Google problem came from the previous virus and hid its self on my computer in the registry. I knew it was a virus even though my virus scanner and spy-ware scanner came up with no results because Google would not work on Internet explorer or Firefox.

I virtually had no up to date virus scanner software when I got this Virus. Even though I had Norton it wasn't updating or working so it didn't help at all. Before this virus my scanner would catch a virus and remove it before it could infect my computer.

It pays to have an up to date virus and spy-ware scanner! It also pays to use multiple spy-ware scanners since one might not find everything another finds! I've learned this lesson over and over again!!!